Visit Your Custom Jewelry Store in Birmingham, AL to Class Up Your 2017 Wardrobe

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New year, new you! As 2017 gets underway, now is a good time to check in with your wardrobe. A good appearance can impress your date, or convey a sense of confidence and class in the workplace. Likewise, a poor appearance can be off-putting to those around you, or drag down your work performance. We all want to look our best, but sometimes knowing what that means is difficult to pin down.

Not to worry, however—Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers is here to help! We are your go-to custom jewelry store in Birmingham, AL, and we know how to match your style and personality with the right wardrobe touches to make you stand out wherever you go. Here are some wardrobe items to consider, as you get ready for the year ahead.


The right timepiece can pull your outfit together. A bold, sophisticated timepiece goes perfectly with that tailored suit and button-down shirt to give you a professional, in-control appearance. A delicate timepiece accenting the lines of your wrist adds a special note of beauty to any outfit. Watches speak volumes about their wearers, so consult your custom jewelry store in Birmingham, AL on how to find the one that will highlight your best features and truly represent your personality.

Tie bar

A simple, yet indispensable accessory for the working man’s attire, the tire bar is your chance to add character and class to your appearance. As with watches, you’ve got a lot of options: color, size, design and much more. Plus, your choice will also depend on what type of clothing you prefer, since the right tie bar can clash or complement, depending on how well you choose. Ask Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers about our extensive selection of tie bars and get expert advice when you visit our store.

Cuff links

Cuff links are the quintessential finishing touch for all types of occasions, whether you’re heading off to work with coffee in hand, or taking your better half to the opera. Cuff links come in seemingly endless varieties, so it’s a good idea to have someone who understands fashion trends and design give you some assistance with your purchase.


Maybe you’re ready to find that statement piece of jewelry—a journey that is as personal as selecting your signature perfume. Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a few quality pairs of earrings that will add a little extra sparkle to your daily attire. Whatever the occasion, finding a good collection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces can greatly improve your appearance, and help you convey your personality in a wonderful way.

One of the best aspects of working with a custom jewelry store in Birmingham, AL is the unique inventory you have at your fingertips. When you come to Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers, we’ll help you identify the superior accessories that fit your unique style and personality. Give us a call or stop in to our store today to see what we can do for the “new you” of 2017!

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