Gemstone of the Month: Diamond

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If you were born in April, then your birthstone is the diamond. In the tradition of birthstones, natural diamonds are said to be a symbol of everlasting love and good relationships, and may even increase the person’s inner strength to bring forth courage. Like the gemstone itself, it also symbolizes beauty and clarity for those born in April.

While diamonds are likely the hardest natural substances on the planet, they are not completely safe from damage. So, for those people lucky enough to own a nice pair of diamond earrings, a diamond pendent necklace or diamond ring, it’s necessary to note the importance of proper diamond care. Yes, even if you’ve owned your diamond for years, you should take note, because you may not maintain it now like you did in the beginning.

Here are five tips from a custom jewelry store in Birmingham, AL on caring for your diamond jewelry:

  • Handle sparingly: Have you noticed how sparkly your diamonds are after a professional cleaning? Then you touch the gemstone, only to find that you’ve left behind smudges and a dull sheen. This is because diamonds are magnets for grease; hence, the oils from your skin are easily transferred to the diamond’s surface. Because diamonds are not easy to keep clean, only touch them when you need to.
  • Clean regularly: There are several ways to clean your diamond jewelry. First, you can pick up a diamond jewelry cleaning solution from your local jeweler to use everyday. You can also simply mix together a couple drops of mild dishwashing soap with distilled water to create a gentle soaking solution. In addition to utilizing a cleaning solution, you should consider using a soft brush—like a brand new toothbrush or one made specifically for cleaning jewelry—to remove tiny particles from underneath jewelry prongs and within chain links. If you are unsure of how to clean your jewelry, call the store you bought it from and ask.
  • Don’t use harsh solutions or tools: No matter how dirty your diamond looks, never, ever touch harsh solutions to it—this includes chlorine bleach, other household cleansers and toothpaste. These chemicals are powerful enough to damage diamond jewelry with corrosion, scratches or discoloration to the gemstone or the metal holding it in place.
  • Be gentle: Take care when cleaning your diamond jewelry. Don’t scrub, and be careful not to squeeze so hard that you bend or otherwise deform the metal. To remove the cleaning solution, rinse in plain water and dab with a soft, dry cloth. Do this in a dish away from the sink drain.
  • Put away carefully: You want to keep jewelry pieces away from each other, so as to avoid possible scratching. The best way to store diamond jewelry is in a jewelry box with separate components lined with fabric, or by wrapping pieces up in little jewelry pouches.

For the highest quality diamond jewelry in the area, we invite you to talk with the professional staff at Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers. We are your local custom jewelry store in Birmingham, AL, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us today!

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