Three Reasons Your Automatic Watch Isn’t Keeping Time

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Watches are great accessories to own. Whether you want to simply know what time it is or want to add an extra touch to your outfit, there are a variety of options available to you. As your watch will offer you several benefits, you’ll have to take care of it if you want it to function properly. If it does happen to clunk out on you, this doesn’t mean you have to buy a new one, but you will have to look into what the problem may be in order to get your watch back in working order.

Here are three reasons why your automatic watch may not be keeping time and may require watch repair in Birmingham, AL:

  • Water damage: Sometimes, it is just less of a hassle to leave your watch on than it is to take it off. But before jumping in the shower or pool or otherwise exposing your watch to water, you may want to stop and think twice. This is because water can make its way past the crown, gasket and seal and damage your watch. Even if it is water-resistant, your watch may only be safe up to a certain depth. Luckily, water damage doesn’t mean the end of your watch, as parts can often be easily replaced.
  • No charge: If you have found that your watch has stopped keeping time, you could try winding it. As you walk, your movements are supposed to give the main spring in your watch the charge it needs to keep it working and telling time. Should you not wear your watch every day, it could lose its charge and stop keeping time. Just unscrew the crown, wind the watch a few times and reset the time and date. It should work fine after the winding, but if there is still a problem, something else may be causing your watch to not work properly.
  • Internal damage: Watches have a lot of small pieces that all work together, so when even one of them is damaged, your watch can stop keeping time. This is often the case when your watch has internal damage. Internal damage often occurs when there is a sudden impact. For example, if you drop your watch on the floor, it can damage the internal parts of the watch and prevent it from keeping time correctly. When this happens, a professional may be able to fix the problem and get your watch back working the way it did before (or even better) by replacing the broken parts.

When a watched has stopped working, some people may not want to bother fixing it. Instead, they will opt to simply purchase a new watch and either let the old one sit or toss it out. However, depending on what the problem is, your watch can likely be fixed, so buying a new one or dumping the damaged watch may not even be necessary!

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