Ask a Professional Watch Shop in Birmingham, AL for Suggestions for Gifts—and for Yourself!

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Although we are in an age of telling time on our mobile devices, there’s a majority of folks out there who still prefer wearing traditional wristwatches because, much like necklaces, rings and earrings, a watch is a statement piece.

To maintain the appearance of your individual fashion and style, you’ll want to make sure all aspects of your outfit work together. You have to take similar factors into consideration when shopping for a gift for someone else. But before heading to your local watch shop in Birmingham, AL to pick out a gift, you’ll want to learn the gift recipient’s personal style. Putting in the effort shows that you care and reflects the great tastes you can see in others. They’ll love the watch, and you can take pride in knowing you made a friend or loved one happy on their special day.

Here are a few good suggestions for which watch to wear or give as a gift, as well as favorite picks from Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers’ collection of high quality watches.

For the executive

Even though life can get pretty busy, the executive type will find or make time to always dress in their own personal style. They can easily sense the best style for the situation—such as combining clothes and accessories for a day at the office or attending a corporate lunch meeting. Key words that likely describe the executive in your life are traditional, timeless, classic and sophisticated.

Favorite pick: Any number of our Baume & Mercier timepieces.

For the adventurer

Having an adventurer’s or enthusiast’s mindset opens up your options a great deal, because this type of personality shines both indoors and outdoors. Whether this type of person in your life seeks adventure in the great outdoors or always seems up for a challenge at the office, they are likely to sport a bold, yet not flashy style.

Favorite picks: Pair the adventurer in your life with a Bell & Ross, Luminox or Breitling watch.

For the style guru

For the intellectual, a specific watch style is not too hard to come by, as the style guru is a fairly simple one to please. This personality type absorbs whimsy and stories from the world to enjoy a classic, fashionable style all day, everyday.

Favorite pick: Gift a style guru a Breitling Transocean Day & Date.

For the pleasure seeker

A pleasure seeker will want a timepiece that enhances their sophisticated style. They always gravitate toward the luxurious and won’t settle for anything less. Luckily, the right watch can be worn to all sorts of social outings, whether fancy or casual.

Favorite pick: Choose from the Baume & Mercier line. Ask us which piece might fit you best.

There’s no need to run around the mall or search the Internet aimlessly for the best style of watch for you or someone else. Head to Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers, where we offer nothing but the best quality jewelry pieces, watches and more. Drop by our watch shop in Birmingham, AL to browse a grand selection of timepieces today!

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