Watch and Jewelry Repair in Birmingham, AL

jewelry repairEven the finest craftsmanship can succumb to wear and tear over time. When your jewelry or timepiece suffers deterioration or damage, don’t assume it to be worthless or abandon it—instead, bring it to Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers for repairs. Our seasoned experts will give your luxury items the care and attention they deserve, to breathe new life into them.


Fine Jewelry Repairs

At our jewelry repair shop in Birmingham, AL you’ll find a full time designer/craftsman and a full time jeweler, giving you confidence that your pieces will be handled with professional care. We have years of experience in handling jewelry of all types and styles, affording us valuable insight into how to care for, repair and maintain specific items to their fullest.


Any Piece, Any Repair

jewelry repairCustomers consistently trust Barton-Clay Fine Jewelers for jewelry and timepiece repairs because of our wide-ranging capabilities. We’ve never met a piece of jewelry we couldn’t repair or a watch we couldn’t restore function to! Any treasure you bring us is in the best, most capable hands.

More than just deliver repairs of a high caliber, we do all of the work in-house, so you always know where your items are and who’s handling them. We understand the value—both monetary and sentimental—your pieces can carry, which is why we assume full responsibility for them when you hand them over for repairs.

To restore the form and function to your jewelry or timepiece, please get in touch with us today by calling 205-871-7060 we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure your piece lives on for many more years to come.