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The lovely and iconic Audrey Hepburn once said that elegance is the only beauty that never fades, an astute observation relevant for so many things…style, fashion, and jewelry…most especially.

We would like to think that she would have said the same about the Suna collection. Why? Because Suna is synonymous with elegance.

Suna is everyday elegance. We are your “go-to” pair of classic diamond earrings, your everyday gold bracelet, the right-hand ring that you love, the simple necklace with just a splash of diamonds that transitions seamlessly from the office to evening.

Beautiful Forever
Each and every Suna piece is pure elegance: a perfect realization in brilliant gems and precious metals. Our collection is timeless, classic, and ever beautiful, designed to transcend changing trends and styles. Suna is beautiful today, tomorrow, and always.

Promise of Quality
Whether $1,500 or $150,000, the attention to detail lavished on every piece is evident. Even the tiniest of diamonds are meticulously hand-selected to match perfectly. All gems are ethically sourced and each piece is stamped with our trademark, the karat metal mark, and a serial number unique to the piece.

Made in America
The Suna story began in 1920s Europe with Kenneth and Joel Suna, brothers trained as master jewelers working in platinum and gold. Their journey took them to New York City where they settled and established a workshop creating exceptional channel-set wedding bands, quintessential Suna classics still popular today. Kenneth’s sons, Aron and Jonathan Suna, carry on the tradition of fine jewelry making with headquarters in New York City, assuring that each and every piece of Suna jewelry is crafted with pride in America. So when you think of fine jewelry, think of Suna. And always remember, trends change, fashions fade, but elegance is always in style.